Tip #767:  Modern Workplace Traps- Part One

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“A trap is only a trap if you don’t know about it. If you know about it, it’s a challenge.”  China Mieville

In Outsmarting the Seven Hidden Obstacles to Success, David Covey and Stephan Mardyks identify the seven modern workplace traps, our typical response to each, and a better response. All numbers and percentages are the result of their research.

The first three traps are individual-focused:

  1. The Busyness Trap, or drowning in the thick of thin things. In 1970, there were approximately 1000 interactions at work per year. Today, we have over 25 thousand interactions.

The conventional response is to become a better juggler. But multitasking leads to as much as a 40% drop in productivity, increased stress … Read the rest