Tip #717: When Overlearning Is Important- Part Two

“Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.” Martha Graham

The following Tip is drawn from several sources.

In the previous Tip, we looked at overlearning in life or death situations. In this Tip, we’ll look at other less critical times where overlearning can speed a task, making completion faster and more successful with less effort. Knitting , dancing and playing an instrument come to mind. After sufficient practice, hands, legs and fingers are doing what they need to do without conscious manipulation because they have developed muscle memory.

In whatever field, the process of ‘overlearning’ – or repetitive practice – has far reaching benefits. It can take a person’s performance from good to great by improving Read the rest

Tip #716: When Overlearning Is Important- Part One

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“Over-learning and over-preparing gives you the winning edge in any area.” Brian Tracy

 The following Tip is drawn from several sources.

Overlearning is practicing newly acquired skills beyond the point of initial mastery. The idea is to get to automaticity, which Wikipedia defines as “the ability to do things without occupying the mind with the low-level details required, allowing it to become an automatic response pattern or habit. It is usually the result of learning, repetition and practice.”

I first became aware of the importance of an automatic ingrained response when I was in a lunch line with firefighters at a nearby army base. They needed to know how to immediately assess and respond to a situation where even … Read the rest