Nairobi, Kenya Travelogue – 2014

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Nairobi, November 30

Hello. As you can see, I’m on the road again. This time, I will be piloting ten days of business management training for the owners of private medical practices in Kenya.

I have to say that my travel to Africa this time went exceptionally smoothly. After the experience of paying $1200 to send training materials that could have easily filled one large suitcase- and finding out that I actually could take two bags for free on Delta, I wised up. I’m traveling with two large bags (bright pink and bright blue) that each weigh 50 pounds. In addition, I have my large handbag that could hold a small child (but doesn’t) and my “carry on” with all … Read the rest

Kenya Travelogue – 2014

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Amsterdam, August 8, 2014


I am in Amsterdam, after a very uneventful and relatively easy journey.

The Delta representative in the Madison airport showed me how to move from an aisle seat with 6 other people to an aisle seat with just one other person. Being on the aisle is a must on these 8 or more hour flights. This flight, from Detroit to Amsterdam, I was very clever and put everything in the luggage rack above my head, so I had nothing under the seat in front of me.

Again, people were very helpful when I had to lift my heavy carry on way above my head to go into the luggage rack. Later, I returned the favor … Read the rest