Dubai Travelogue – 2015

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Dubai, November 17, 2015

I’m sorry that I haven’t written until now. I was exhausted when I left Madison, WI and have been trying to get some sleep at night to keep going during the day.

The following will be snatches of information in no particular order:

There are two women who are Emiratis who work in the ministry who have been attending the training-both the basic technical trainer’s toolbox training and now the advanced: accelerated learning and tomorrow- how to avoid learner overload.

They are very young and seem umbilically attached to their phones. They wear exquisite abayas (long robes) and hijabs (black veils). They look lovely. To start the accelerated learning training, I gave everyone a small car … Read the rest

Tip #556: Everyone Appreciates It When Learning is Fun

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“Is ditchwater dull? Naturalists with microscopes have told me that it teems with quiet fun. ” G. K. Chesterton

Even after all of these years of setting up training rooms to engage as many senses as possible, I still get nervous about how well it will be received by certain audiences.

A case in point: I recently facilitated a two-day Technical Trainers’ Toolbox in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My client was the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA, pronounced IKBA) and the participants were from many different countries: Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Greece and Great Britain are those that I can remember.

This is a serious and well-respected organization. Let me tell you what I learned about … Read the rest

Amman and Dubai Travelogue – 2015

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January 15-16, Travel to Amman

This is my third trip to Amman and, as with all of my international travels bar none, it came with complications.

I flew from Madison to Chicago, where I had to wait 4 hours to get the flight to Frankfurt, Germany. The flights were uneventful. The time in the Frankfurt airport was ridiculous. First, of all, I had two very heavy carry-on bags with me that I had to schlep up and down steps. The airport is absolutely enormous- so you walk and walk and walk and walk, up and down escalators, until you climb up some stairs- and there is a tram. When you walk and walk some more until you get to the … Read the rest

Tip #549: A Training Marathon

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“Energy and persistence alter all things.” Benjamin Franklin

I do not run marathons, but I have read about the process that marathon runners go through to build up their stamina. Long and short distance runs are part of the strategy. I know that pasta plays a role, too.

Because of my clients’ funding requirements and a probable lack of understanding regarding how much energy it actually takes to conduct a highly participatory training program, I am faced with the daunting task of conducting 10 days of training without any break.

I will be flying to Amman, Jordan (my third trip in three years, for three different clients) to conduct two days of training on Interest Based Negotiation (IBN) Strategies and … Read the rest