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Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

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This day could have been MUCH better if:

  • Mbogo had bothered to contact me on Sunday regarding arrangements, rather than turning his phone off to spend time with his family
  • I had been told before 8 am of the scheduled training that I would be training Module 7 and that the program started at 9, not 10
  • Someone had already moved the chairs and tables, rather than leaving it to me
  • The room had any air conditioning or fan
  • Austin’s staff had duplicated the materials as I specifically instructed, back to back starting with the title
  • page- instead of printing them so that no one could see the page numbers
    • I had had more than 45 minutes to:
      -Move tables and chairs
      -Lay out materials
      -Put up kites
      -Obtain and sync with the LCD projector
      -Obtain something to use for name cards
  • A consistent message had gone out to participants regarding the start time, rather than one that said 9 am and another that said 10 am
  • My iPod was charged so that I could play music [my oversight]
  • The bathroom had: toilet paper, SOAP, paper towels, toilet seats and a mirror!!!
  • The LCD projector stayed on instead of frequently turning off
  • The tiles on the floor were not buckled so that people tripped and got frightened that the floor would cave in
  • I didn’t have to spend the entire day soaking wet from perspiration
  • We didn’t have to run the program as if it had started at 10, even though 8 people were there by 9 or before
  • We didn’t have to go until 2 instead of 1, with no snack or lunch
  • The gallery walk didn’t have to fit in a hall that was too narrow for people to stand in front of the flip charts without crushing each other
  • Participants could find the location (two came an hour before we ended and one came just when we ended)

What went well:

  • The participants were appreciative and engaged.
  • I got a lot of additional material to put into the facilitator guide
  • Austin offered to and will properly duplicate the materials
  • His assistant graciously made name cards by folding paper
  • The participants really enjoyed the activities, especially the gallery walk
  • Most if not all of them will be attending the training for the week
  • My driver, James, stayed to help me move tables and chairs
  • It was not raining
  • People helped to set up when they got there and others helped to clean up at the end of the session
  • Participants liked my teaching style and the approach to adult learning
  • We had great discussions
  • A number of the participants indicated that they were going to have to make changes in how they handle medications and medical supplies

There were 18 participants (at various times).

My analysis:

The training content and methodology works
The facilitator guide will need to be revised with the addition of answers and key points

Now, for the rest of my day! I got in the shower as soon as I got back to my room; washed my unmentionables and put them out to dry in the shower, typed up my report for the day, uploaded photos for the participants- and then tried to decipher their handwritten email addresses. I gave up, finally, and sent an email to Mbogo to get a list. Of course, no response. Sigh.

Famished by 5 pm., since I’d had no lunch and breakfast was a very distant memory at 6 am, I got dressed to go to the restaurant. On my way, I went into the beauty parlor to see if they did manicures and pedicures. Yes they did and I had a lovely long session with a beautiful young Nairobean (sp?). She taught me how to say Hello, my name is Deborah, and welcome to the training in Swahili. I wonder what I’ll actually be saying when I try it out tomorrow!

She also told me to go to a Masai Market for Kenyan arts and crafts. I’ll definitely do that.

As for my Saturday safari trip, my driver, James, will take me instead of a tour. That will help both of us financially.

I’ve recharged my IPod, so hopefully I’ll have music tomorrow. It was very barren without it today.

Everyone has ostensibly been alerted to the fact that the training begins at 9 and ends at 1. I should be able to get lunch at a reasonable time- and, if I’m feeling particularly perky, to check out a market or at least go convert some cash to Kenyan shillings.

This treat to myself (manicure and pedicure, lasting two hours) cost only $28! Now I’ve ordered some dinner and will prepare for tomorrow, since I know what I’ll be teaching ☺.

It looks like NW Wisconsin is in for the first big snow storm. I hope it doesn’t hamper anyone or get down to Madison!



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