Why we do it

We want to help our clients increase the probability that their learners will learn faster and retain that learning longer. We know that the more learners are engaged and stimulated mentally, emotionally, and physically, the more likely they are to learn and to retain what they have learned.The accelerated learning techniques that we use create the ultimate participant-centered training experience. They draw on recent scientific research into the structure of the brain and individual learning preferences.The most rewarding part of our job is seeing the light go on in employees, and manager’s, eyes as they realize they now have the skills they need and the confidence in their own competence to use those skills effectively.

Our Training Philosophy

Based upon our years of training experience and what we know about how adults learn, we have developed the following five-point philosophy of training:
    • The training must be practical, relevant, and immediately applicable. For this reason, all training is tailored to meet our client’s needs.
    • The participants are more likely to learn when they have a choice regarding the content, can get involved in the learning process, and have an enjoyable experience. This is ensured through a wide variety of participant-centered learning activities.
    • Unless time is scheduled for the employees to practice new skills learned in the training session, they are not likely to use those skills once the training is completed. As a result, all training includes hands-on application exercises.
  • It is important to build into the training a way of holding the employees accountable for using the new skills. Learning contracts, personal action plans, and follow up sessions are several ways to accomplish this.
  • Training can only accomplish what the organizational culture and systems will support. Management is involved in the development of the training, as well as in the active support and reinforcement of the use of new skills learned in the training.

Laurel Learning Tips