Tip #963: A Learner’s Bill of Rights

Training programs are not about the trainer, they’re about the learner. We don’t want learners to leave a training program just in awe of the trainer’s knowledge- we want them to also leave feeling confident in their own capability to use what they’ve learned.

So, what do learners need so they can learn what they need to know and be able to do? In other words, what do the learners need from the trainer?

Learners need to:

  1. be treated with respect
  2. have their knowledge and expertise acknowledged
  3. be free from interminable lectures
  4. be actively involved in their learning
  5. receive accurate and up to date information
  6. work with realistic problems and scenarios
  7. have opportunities to speak and be heard
  8. be encouraged to ask questions
  9. receive clear and complete instructions for learning activities
  10. have choices regarding the nature of their participation
  11. feel safe and supported
  12. have a comfortable learning environment
  13. be able to see and read audiovisuals
  14. be able to hear participant questions and trainer answers
  15. be able to make mistakes without embarrassment
  16. practice what they’ve learned before returning to their worksite
  17. receive constructive feedback
  18. have hourly breaks to stay energized and process what they’ve learned
  19. measure their progress
  20. leave confident in their own competence

What other rights should learners have and expect?

May your learning be sweet- and safe.


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