Tip #93: After a Conference Presentation

Immediately after the workshop has ended:

    1. Gather your materials over to a side table so that the next presenter can set up.
    2. Pack up quickly.
    3. Have your business cards available.
    4. Be prepared to spend time in discussion with participants.
    5. Be conscious of the next presenter’s needs.
    6. Move the discussion to a new location.
    7. Bring unused handout materials to a public table for distribution.
  1. Postscript:
    1. If you collected participants’ cards for an end of the workshop drawing or give-away, send a follow up thank you or promised materials to the participants.
    2. If the participants generated work products on flip charts, take pictures of the flip charts, post them on Kodak Gallery or a similar website and send the link out to the participants as a visual reminder of their work during the session.
    3. Be prepared for a lot of excitement and affirmation for your topic, your workshop, and you!
    4. Recognize that people’s best intentions- for example, to invite you to present a workshop at their location or conference- may be realized.
    5. Enjoy the attention you receive at the time.
    6. Do not be disappointed if nothing happens later as a result of your workshop. Sometimes it will take a few years until someone calls you!
    7. Ask to see the workshop evaluations.
    8. Realize that a list of your conference presentations is a good addition to your marketing literature.

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