Tip #919: Are You a Dinosaur, Too?

“We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out.” Colin Mochrie

I feel like a training dinosaur.

I was a classroom trainer happy with overhead transparencies until l had to learn how to create and use PowerPoint slides.

I was doing just fine until e-learning became the training methodology of choice. I chose to ignore it, declaiming it as much less effective than classroom training. But not knowing how to design e-learning has definitely limited me.

Then e-learning started using gamification and simulations, which made it more effective and scalable than classroom training. Without access to the necessary expertise and pricey software, I resisted.

Next came the pandemic and the need to climb the steep learning curve to create virtual training programs. I joined that climb.

Just when I thought I had somewhat mastered the bells and whistles of virtual platforms, external applications like Mentimeter and Jamboard came along. So, I started incorporating them into my virtual programs.

Now, artificial intelligence has made a huge impact on the training scene. Again, as an independent consultant, that is beyond my capability and pocketbook.

I’m not bemoaning progress.

But at root, I am a classroom trainer. I enjoy the synergy and energy of a class, where so much learning happens between participants during group assignments at their tables and informal conversations over breaks.

I appreciate how a welcoming and comfortable learning environment enables participants to relax and be themselves as they engage with the facilitator, the content, and their learning peers.

I like decorating the room with colorful kites and placing lots of tactile objects and bowls of candy on the participant tables. I like being able to refer to an agenda wall chart to point out the content we’ve discussed and what content is next.

I have fun selecting music to play subliminally during activities and louder during breaks.

I revel in the many different learning activities that can engage, educate, and often entertain the participants, creating memorable experiences that increase learning retention.

It’s so much easier to read the room, add or change an activity or insert a break, when necessary, in response to the participants’ interests, needs, and energy levels.

And I’m always learning from the participants when their insights can be offered quickly and freely.

So, I’m thrilled that we are finally able to return to the classroom.

I may be a dinosaur, but I’m a happy dinosaur. Let me know if you’re a dinosaur, too!

May your learning be sweet- and safe.


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