Tip #727: Kirkpatrick and Learning Design

“Think about what your learners need to do with that information after the course is finished and design around that.” Matthew Guyan

 I just listened to a podcast with Clark Quinn, during which, among many other things,  he discussed his belief that Kirkpatrick’s model should be, and was actually partially intended to be, used in learning design. <https://blog.learnlets.com/?s=Kirkpatrick>

He said that we need to begin our design at Level 4: Results, to determine what is happening at the organizational level that is problematic.

Then we move to Level 3: Behavior, to determine what behavior needs to change to obtain the desired results at the organizational level.

Next, we move to Level 2: Learning, to determine what people need to learn to change behavior so the results are positive.

Our next move is back to Level 3: Behavior, to assess if the behavior has changed and finally, back to Level 4: Results, to assess if the desired organizational results have been achieved.

This certainly ensures that training is aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. I love it!

What do you think?

May your learning be sweet.



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