Tip #250: Traveling Computer Trainers

Any trainer who travels knows that there are a number of logistical issues to keep in mind. After a while, we develop a checklist of items to have along with us or to know beforehand, to forestall previously-experienced crises. This is particularly important if we need to set up the night before the program when there are few or no staff available on-site.

Key information includes:

  • Names and phone numbers (home, office and cell phone) for one or more contact persons on-site.
  • Access codes for doors and/or the phone number and location of security personnel.
  • The room location: room number and floor.
  • Directions to the room, including elevator access if you are bringing a lot of equipment.
  • The layout of the room, including where the light switches and electrical outlets are located!!

If you are a computer trainer, you will also need:

  • Passwords.
  • The sign-in for the training room.

Please let us know if we’ve forgotten other key items that should be on a traveling computer trainer’s list. Thanks!

Do you have any tips for making training engaging, interactive and meaningful when teaching people how to fill out complex forms. Please send in what works for you and we’ll include your best practices in a future Tip.

If you have a tip to make training more effective and enjoyable for the trainer and/or the participants, please write and we’ll include it in this series. Thanks!

Two weeks ago, we published responses about the usefulness of a variety of e-learning software. This was a second mailing of Tips because of the offer for a free Articulate teleclass. Janis Taylor, who is the Technical Training Director for PMCC- Product Lifecycle Data Management at Phillips Healthcare, attended the session and had this to say about it:

“I did sit in on the Articulate demo today and I can confirm the following: Articulate is primarily a Power Point add on. It doesn’t do screen capture, which is what I need to demonstrate hands on ‘how tos’ for using new software functionality. It was good to sit in on the demo though. And the instructor did confirm Captivate was the tool people use for screen capture.”

Thank you for this information, Janis.

This week, we look at quick tips for for saving your voice when you train large groups.

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