Tip #248: Tailoring Power Point

Karen Phillips, Product Training Manager for Ultradent Products, introduced me to the fact that it is possible to hide a Power Point slide when you are tailoring a presentation. This way you don’t have to create an entirely new slide show.

Thank you, Karen, for saving all of us, who were unaware of this feature, a lot of time and energy in the future!

I’m intentionally keeping the December Tips very very short. However, last week’s Tip to tailor Power Point programs may have been so short it wasn’t helpful. It is possible to hide Power Point slides that aren’t relevant to a specific new audience, rather than deleting them and creating variations of the same Power Point slide show. I didn’t go into HOW to do this, because I imagine it may be different for Macs versus PCs. On my Mac, I go to the drop down under Slide Show and one option under it is “Hide slide.”

This week, we look at easy-to-use e-learning software.

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