Tip #208: Spell Check for Flip Charts

In an earlier Tip, I waxed eloquent about the virtues of using flip charts for posting group work. However, we all know that many of us rely on the spell check feature when we use our computers. Writing on a flip chart without a spell check feature can be of great concern to folks who know that their spelling is not the greatest.

Luckily, there is a simple visual device you can use to reduce the concern of poor spellers. In addition to telling them that “spelling doesn’t count,”you can place in the upper right hand corner of the flip chart page two boxes, one above the other. The higher box should have a check mark in it and the box just below it should have ABC in it.

These two boxes indicate that the spell check for the flip chart is on and will take care of any misspelled words.

This idea came from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. Isn’t it great?!

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