Tip #823: For Sanity’s Sake, Adopt A Paradox Mindset

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“A paradox mindset shifts the focus from the need to choose between work and family, to instead learn how to constantly balance these demands over time.” Ella Miron-Spektor and Wendy Smith

It is true that working from home while surrounded by family and pets creates all sorts of difficulties and challenges. But it is also true that we make it more difficult because of how we think about the situation.

In their article, “Overwhelmed? Adopt a Paradox Mindset,” Ella Miron-Spektor and Wendy Smith suggest that it is much wiser to adopt a ”both/and” approach instead of an “either/or” one.

A paradox mindset recognizes that there are competing demands on our time and that we can’t entirely eliminate them. … Read the rest