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Take the Pain Out of Remote Delegation

This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop uses an interactive participatory approach and practical work examples to help participants: identify why supervisors should delegate: explore why they don’t; and learn how to delegate effectively. As a result of this workshop, the participants will be more comfortable making delegation decisions and will leave with a specific delegation plan to implement back on the job.

This program is unique in using a self-analysis module, in which the participants identify and attempt to address any assumptions or beliefs about themselves as individuals and as managers that can get in the way of their willingness to delegate.

What Impression are You Giving?

Learn how to make a good professional impression in virtual meetings. The participants will: describe what a positive virtual impression includes; review the consequences of poor virtual impressions; and assess how to present themselves effectively and professionally on a virtual platform.

Six Steps to Yes: When You Need Instant Influence in a Virtual World

Now that companies are operating virtually, it is more difficult to create trusting relationships.

This half-day virtual skill-building workshop uses interactive exercises to help the participants learn how to quickly create trusting relationships using six decision triggers. The participants will assess how and when the triggers have been used on them, and practice using the triggers to provide instant influence: reciprocity, commitment or consistency, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity. These proven psychological principles are based on 25 years of research as reported in Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert B. Cialdini.

Manage Your Stress Before It Manages You or Your Staff!

Employees have four lives: work, family, social, and personal. Each of life’s stressors causes accumulated stress that is carried from one part of life into another. Today, the lines separating those four lives are blurred and almost nonexistent. How can you take the pressure off yourself and alleviate your stress?

In this half-day skill-building session, the participants will: distinguish between positive and negative stress; assess their stress reactions; identify stress management techniques that can help reduce stress; assume healthy control over the negative stressors in their lives; and plan how to supervise employees who have stress management problems.

Solve the Remote Office Challenge: Employee Motivation

Learn when and how to use the seven tools in the supervisor’s motivational tool kit to accomplish desired results.

Take a Healthy Look at Conflict

This one-day virtual skill-building workshop is designed to help individuals who want to improve their ability to manage conflict. It will provide information and practice with the positive and negative attributes of conflict, as well as the appropriate and inappropriate use of five different conflict management strategies. A three-step approach to constructive conflict management will be introduced: (1) depersonalize the issue, (2) defuse the situation and (3) direct the conversation. The participants will have an opportunity to apply this three-step approach and a win/win communication formula in simulated and real job conflict situations.


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