Laurel Learning Tip #292: Making a Career Switch #2

In this week’s Tip, we continue our look at resources to help folks who are considering making a career switch and know what job they want.

There are a large number of internet resources available to assist individuals who know what job they want. I’ve listed a number of State of Wisconsin sites, but you should be able to find comparable sites in your own state.

If you know the type of job you want:

• serves older workers with a full service job board and career site. All jobs are placed by employers specifically interested in staffing from the over-50 workforce. Their employment and education resources cater to mature workers searching for employment, in transition or approaching retirement.

• was just created to inform all workers receiving unemployment benefits of the training programs and financial support open to them. However, the resources at this site are invaluable to anyone seeking a new career and will give you a direct link to the following sites:

can help you find a One-Stop Career Center based on ZIP code, along with hours of operations, services offered, and driving instructions. The Service Locator also provides links to state job banks.

• is the online directory of available positions within the federal government.

• is the official State of Wisconsin government job site. It also lists job vacancies in Wisconsin cities, villages, towns, counties, school districts, technical colleges and Tribal government.

• provides information to contact Wisconsin state agency human resources offices to inquire about possible Limited Term Employment (LTE) and/or project opportunities.

• enables you to conduct a job search and create up to three resumes or work applications. The ‘Job Seeker Tools’ link includes other resources.

• Toll-Free Help Line (1-877-US2-JOBS; TTY:1-877-889-5627)
provides information about workforce, education and support services across the United States.

Job Boards:

• offers help and links to 12,096 employers and job search resources.

• has 200 million postings, but registration can be tedious and there are a lot of pop-ups.

• has paid listings and classifieds for 200 newspapers across the country. It lists more clerical and blue collar openings than most other sites.

• has plenty of ads and less spam than most other sites.

Job Search Engines:




• is the e-harmony of job search that uses a 5 point method to match employers and job hunters.

• http://www.craigslist


Next week, we will continue our look at resources to help folks who are considering making a career switch and want to get additional education or experience.

May your learning be sweet.

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