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Tip #649: Feedback Models MMC Through SBI

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Tip #649: Feedback Models MMC Through SBI

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“Regular feedback is one of the hardest things to drive through an organization.” Kenneth Chenault 

I found 20 performance feedback models defined by acronyms. We looked at 1-5 in Tip #647 and 6-10 in Tip #648. Here are 11-15:

  1. MMC: Medals, Missions, Clear Goals
  1. RIGHT: Respectful, Issue Specific, Goal Oriented, Helpful, Timely
    • Respectful: Show respect so the employee is more willing to listen.
    • Issue Specific: Stay centered on the performance, not the person.
    • Goal Oriented: Aim to improve performance.
    • Helpful: Use a helpful tone.
    • Timely: Give feedback when there is a better chance to have an impact.
  1. RISE: Reflect, Inquire, Suggest, Elevate
    • Reflect: Recall, ponder and communicate.
    • Inquire: Seek information and/or provide ideas through questioning.
    • Suggest: Introduce ideas for improvement of current situation.
    • Elevate: Raise a higher degree or purpose in future iterations.
  1. SAW: Share what you see, Ask questions, Wrap up
  1. SBI: Situation, Behavior, Impact

May your learning be sweet.


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