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Tip #647: Feedback Models ABC through BET

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Tip #647: Feedback Models ABC through BET

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We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Bill Gates

I thought it would be interesting to see the types of feedback models out there. I found 20 that could define themselves in acronyms!! We’ll look at five models at a time. As we do, please see if any of these resonate with you, either because you use this approach already or you can see the value in using it.

  1. ABC: Action, Because, Could We
    • Action: Present data that supports the specific issue to be addressed.
    • Because: Explain the importance of addressing the issue due to its impact on the effectiveness of the employee, team and/or organization.
    • Could We: Identify resources, needs and action plans to implement a solution that will address the issue.
  1. AID: Action, Impact, Development/Desired Behavior
    • Action: Emphasize the employee’s action, not the supervisor’s interpretation
    • Impact: Describe the positive or negative impact on the end result or the process itself.
    • Development/Desired Behavior: Determine what happens next, with the emphasis on what is missing instead of what is wrong.
  1. BEAR: Behavior, Effect, Alternative, Result
    • Behavior: Describe specific, detailed observations of negative or non-productive behaviors
    • Effect: Describe the concrete effect of what the employee is or is not doing.
    • Alternative: Recommend and describe the desired behavior with a specific time frame for accomplishment
    • Result: Describe the desired result of the changed behavior.
  1. BEEF: Behavior, Example, Effect, Future
  1. BET: Behavior, Effect, Thank you
    • Behavior: What the employee did (that was positive).
    • Effect: Describe the positive result.
    • Thank you: Give the employee appreciation.

May your learning be sweet.


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