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Tip #22: Create a motivational environment: Confidence

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Tip #22: Create a motivational environment: Confidence

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The fourth motivational training technique is Confidence. Once learners have had a successful learning experience and, based on feedback, received validation that they have been successful, they will have increased confidence in their ability to learn.

4. Confidence:

If learners are to succeed, they must believe that when they expend effort- something they completely control- they will experience success. If, however, learners believe that success or failure is the result of ability, task difficulty, or luck- factors over which they have limited control- then there is no point in putting forth a lot of effort.

Example: An instructor can instill confidence in learners by breaking a new task down and teaching each step separately, making sure that each learner has learned the first step before moving on to the next step. They also need to be given sufficient practice so that they can see that their ability and competence with the new skill or task increases.

What can you do to help your participants increase their confidence?

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