Tip #768:  Modern Workplace Traps- Part Two

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“Knowing where the trap is- that’s the first step in evading it.”  Frank Herbert

In Outsmarting the Seven Hidden Obstacles to Success, David Covey and Stephan Mardyks identify the seven modern workplace traps, our typical response to each, and a better response. All numbers and percentages are the result of their research. The first three traps are individual-focused, the next three traps are team-focused, and the last trap is organization-focused.

Let’s first look at the team-focused traps.

  1. The Trigger Trap, allowing emotion to taint your perspective because we: (a) want to control the unpredictable nature of life; (b) ruminate on interactions and people we can’t control; or (c) generalize our past experiences to today’s circumstances.

The conventional response … Read the rest