Tip #720:  Why Care About DOK™?

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“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.”  H.L. Mencken

DOK™ stands for the Depth of Knowledge framework designed by Dr. Norman Webb. According to Darin Rasmussen, the depth of knowledge “corresponds to the content complexity of a particular educational material.” Dr. Webb has summary definitions for four different subject areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. All of the subject areas have four DOK™ levels. See <http://www.webbalign.org/Webbs-DOK-Levels-Summary.pdf>

Mr. Rasmussen explains and summarizes the four DOK™ levels by using the mathematics definitions: see <https://blog.edmentum.com/darinrasmussen>

Level 1:  Recall and Reproduction

This level involves basic tasks that require recall of facts or rote reproduction of simple procedures. The tasks do not require any … Read the rest