Tip #750:  What Level Is Your Leader On?

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“Leadership is much less about what you DO, and much more about who you ARE.” Frances Hesselbein

In his book, The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential, John C. Maxwell goes beyond naming the five leadership levels. He defines them, identifies the pros and cons of each level, and even explains how to achieve the higher levels.

An article by P. Mulder provides some information about the five levels: https://www.toolshero.com/leadership/5-levels-of-leadership-maxwell/

In his hierarchy of leadership levels, the first level is the lowest and the fifth level is the ultimate target:

  1. Position: Rights. People follow because they have to.

By virtue of having the position, the leader has the right to lead. This doesn’t say anything about … Read the rest