Tip #634:  How to Ensure Consistency in Training

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“The secret of success is consistency of purpose.” Benjamin Disraeli

When we conduct training- for employees throughout our organization or for customers in different locations, etc., we want to be sure that they receive the same message and leave with the same knowledge and skills.

There are 16 separate actions you can take to increase the probability that your training programs will be the same- regardless of when and where the training occurs and who conducts the training:

  1. Design a lesson plan that clearly articulates the learning goals and objectives, as well as the type and duration of learning activities to accomplish those goals. If at all possible, involve the trainers who will be facilitating the program so they have
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Tip #571: Tips for Transitioning Lecturers

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“Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.” Gail Sheehy

When lecturers recognize the value of participatory learning, there is a relatively steep learning curve for them to transition into a facilitative trainer role.

It can be very daunting to let go of the role of an expert who shares knowledge and step into the role of a facilitator who enables participants to learn and apply what they learned.

Here are some logistical tips to help with that transition.

Moving from PowerPoint slide deck to participant manual:

  1. Take all of the content that is currently on each of your PowerPoint slides and place it into a participant manual as reference material.
  1. Consider the best way that your participants can
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Tip #108: Participant Materials

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There are many options for organizing participant materials. I am going to share my own preferences and you can feel free to respond with your own.

First of all, I prefer to have all materials that the participants will need for a training session included in one participant packet. This means that the worksheets, exercises and the reference materials are in the same packet, rather than separated into different packets.

All of the pages are numbered and identified by document title in the table of contents. I like to ensure that the materials can be used later with ease of reference- and many participants have told me that they continue to refer to the materials for years.

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