Tip #626:  When an Overview is NOT an Overview

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“Once you get the right image, the details aren’t that important.” Abbie Hoffman

According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, “overview” is defined as “a short description of something that provides general information but no details.” Vocabulary.com further defines “overview” as “a general summary of something. An overview gives the big picture, while leaving out the minor details.”

I am currently revising a three-hour lesson plan for a client that they have termed an “overview.” The content is studded with details that range from general procedures to specific forms, time frames and deadlines.

The client wants new hires to be aware of program activities that occur upstream of their job assignments. The new hires will not be involved in the conduct of … Read the rest

Tip #101: Training Content

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The third step in the comprehensive nine step LESSON PLANning Process is:


This process is often referred to as a Task Analysis:

  1. Identify the skill and knowledge factors necessary to accomplish each of the training goals.*
  2. Differentiate the essential from the non-essential skill and knowledge factors, based on the training goals.
  3. Remedy any inconsistencies between factors that should be essential and the training goals by rewriting the goals.*
  4. Place the essential factors in a logical sequence.
  5. Remedy any gaps in the logical sequence of events by adding in the missing factors.

Please note that there are many checks and balances incorporated into the lesson design process. They begin with this step. … Read the rest