Tip #700:  Do You Know Your Emotional Style?

“Rather than being a luxury, emotions are a very intelligent way of driving an organism toward certain outcomes.” Antonio Damasio

Neuroscientist Richard Davidson spent almost 40 years studying the brain mechanisms that underlie our emotions. He determined that individuals have unique and consistent ways of responding to life experiences. These emotional styles are governed by specific identifiable brain circuits.

In his book, The Emotional Life of Your Brain, co-authored with Sharon Begley, he describes six emotional styles:

  1. Self-Awareness: How well you perceive the physical sensations in your body that reflect your emotions. (Self-awareness is determined by the ability of the insula to interpret signals from the body and organs.)
  2. Sensitivity to Context: How good you are at regulating your
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Tip #319: Nonviolent Communication #10: Receiving With Empathy

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In last week’s Tip, we posed a test of your ability to identify statements that pose clear, positive, action-oriented requests. The statements in bold print are requests rather than demands. The remaining statements do not clearly express a request for a specific action.

1. “I want you to care about me.”

2. “I’d like you to tell me one reason why you think I would do well in that job.”

3. “I’d like you to act more serious about this project.”

4. “I’d like you to stop yelling at me.”

5. “I’d like you to let her be herself.”

6. I’d like you to be honest with me.”

7. “I would like you to stay on the highway.”

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