Tip #555: Creative Learning Activities in Jordan- Part Two

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“Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.” Arthur Koestler

While in Amman, Jordan, I conducted a six-day Train the Trainer Program: Designing and Delivering Dynamic Learning for humanitarian workers.

The 6th day was focused on Facilitating Learning. The participants had to design and facilitate a 10-minute participatory learning activity, with the emphasis on an activity that they had never facilitated before.

There were some absolutely wonderful activities that folks created. The highlights included the following;

Heba created a game about the seven factors of communication. She split the eight people into four teams. The A teams at each table were given play dough and a secret message they … Read the rest

Tip #330: Why It Is Good Business to Take Time for Training

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“One must step back to make the better leap.”
French Proverb

It is exceedingly (and unfortunately) rare for a supervisor to insist on taking time with a team to make sure that the necessary foundations are in place.

Employees are usually thrown into team situations and expected to perform effectively, both as individual contributors and as members of the team. When workloads are heavy and schedules are full, it may seem almost irresponsible to pull the employees away from their responsibilities for a day to focus on what it means to be a team.

However, team training can introduce the concepts, provide the tools, and build the skills necessary to ensure a productive and harmonious team.

What can team training … Read the rest