Tip #91: Preparing for a Conference Presentation

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Before The Presentation:

  1. Recognize that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.
  2. Call a week before the conference:
    1. Find out the number of workshop participants, if available.
    2. Confirm the building, room and time of your workshop.
    3. Confirm the audiovisual equipment you will need.
    4. Find out important names and both work and cell phone numbers of people who are responsible for audiovisual equipment and room scheduling.
  3. Bring more than enough handouts, but also bring the masters in case you need to make more. If you have sent your training masters ahead to be duplicated, bring additional masters in case there is a slip up in printing.
    1. Ensure that your handouts are professional in quality.
    2. Remember that your handouts will serve
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