Tip #68: Managing Difficult Participants- The Complainer.

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Difficult Behavior: Complains about anything and everything, including: the room, materials, topics, instructor, organization, weather, refreshments, etc. Focus is on what is wrong or bad rather than on what is right or good.

What a Trainer Can Do:

In front of the group:

  • Acknowledge the validity of the complaint;
  • Apologize for the inconvenience;
  • Determine the desired remedy;
  • Indicate what will be done to address it (if anything can be done);
  • Identify the time necessary to implement the resolution;
  • Thank the person for bringing up the issue;
  • Initiate action to resolve the issue; and
  • Move on.

If the complaint is not valid:

  • Apologize for the person’s distress.
  • Clarify your distance from the decision that generated the complaint.
  • Explain
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