Tip #577: A Business Was Lost For Want of a Daily Talk

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“Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.”  Tom Peters

We want employees to be engaged and effective in their jobs. Engaged employees mean better morale and increased productivity, which mean increased profitability.

We know that how, when and what managers communicate to their employees have a significant impact on employee performance.

A recent Gallup report, State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders, found that “engagement is highest among employees who have some form (face to face, phone or digital) of daily communication with their managers…The best managers make a concerted effort to know their employees and help them feel comfortable about talking about any subject, whether it is work related or … Read the rest

Tip #555: Creative Learning Activities in Jordan- Part Two

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“Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.” Arthur Koestler

While in Amman, Jordan, I conducted a six-day Train the Trainer Program: Designing and Delivering Dynamic Learning for humanitarian workers.

The 6th day was focused on Facilitating Learning. The participants had to design and facilitate a 10-minute participatory learning activity, with the emphasis on an activity that they had never facilitated before.

There were some absolutely wonderful activities that folks created. The highlights included the following;

Heba created a game about the seven factors of communication. She split the eight people into four teams. The A teams at each table were given play dough and a secret message they … Read the rest

Tip #535: M-Learning Doesn’t Appeal to Me

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“Technology is fine. . ., but that popular vision of the future, where you plug somebody in and leave them there and they don’t get out and interact with actual flesh-and-blood humans — you know the answer before I say it — that’s not good.” Dennis Miller

I was recently introduced to the concept of m-learning, which stands for mobile learning. Wikipedia defines it as “learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices.”

M-learning is touted as being convenient and accessible, as well as being collaborative.

I use my smart phone to look up information all the time. Yes, it is very convenient. If knowledge is knowing where to find the information, my smart phone … Read the rest