Monday in Avignon

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Today we drove to Les Baux de Provence, which is a very picturesque medieval village at a fortified rocky site in the Alpilles.

The Alpilles, or little Alps, are “one of the absolute “musts” in Provence, embodying the harmony of sublime landscapes, a still untamed natural environment and proudly preserved traditions. It conveys an image of deepest Provence, the authentic Provence with its style and refinement. This is the Provence of St Rémy de Provence and Baux de Provence… This is the land of the authors Alphonse Daudet and Frédéric Mistral, and also the land of Van Gogh who lived in St Rémy and who was inspired by its light, its sunflowers and its famous cypress trees.

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Sunday in Avignon

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What a treat to be able to get up at 9 am and not leave until 10:30 am on our adventure. This tour schedule may be very laid back in comparison to last week, but it comes at a very good time.

Although I have washed my undergarments in the sink, I only have 1 pair of clean pants left. I had discovered to my chagrin that the hotel laundry didn’t operate on Sunday, but I had expected I could get my clothing cleaned tomorrow (Monday). No dice, they don’t open their laundry on Monday either. So I found out where there is a laundromat.

I also needed to exchange some US dollars into Euros and the front desk showed … Read the rest

Saturday in Avignon

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We did not start our adventures until 9:30 am, at which time Dominique gave us our “whisperers,” which is what she calls the receivers we used in the previous tour. I think that’s pretty charming.
We loaded onto a bus that could carry 50 people- with the smallest amount of leg room – comparable to uncomfortable airplane seats. At least we could spread out and each get a window if we wanted.
As we drove, we saw hundreds of olive trees as well as what looked like silvery leafed aspens.
We drove to Arles, where hundreds (possibly many many more) people were there to celebrate the Feria du Riz Festival with music and children baiting small bulls whose horns were … Read the rest

Friday in Avignon

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Caroline, who has a Fitbit, calculated that we walked over 6 miles a day for our 6 days in northern France- and a number of those miles were uphill or up many steep steps- all in high temperatures and high humidity. No wonder we’re pooped!

This morning five of us took a shuttle to the De Gaulle airport, where we were to get the train to Avignon. Thanks to help from a lovely young woman who told us she transports kittens to different places around the world (?), my heavy suitcase got on the shuttle and so did I. Unfortunately, I was right where the shuttle doors closed inward and pinched my behind every time…

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