Tip #10: Meet the needs of all learning styles.

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In order to set learners up to be successful, a training program must incorporate learning activities that meet the needs of different learning styles.
There are many different models that describe learning styles. The Perceptual Learning Styles model is relatively easy to use, because it is based on the senses.

A person who learns best through:

  1. reading books, journals, or magazines, and writing assignments is a PRINT learner.
  2. listening to lectures and audio tapes is an AURAL learner.
  3. verbalization in small group discussions, question-and-answer sessions, and debate activities is an INTERACTIVE learner.
  4. observation of films, videotapes, pictures, slides, graphs, tables, and demonstrations is a VISUAL learner.
  5. touch in a “hands on” approach to learning, such as project construction, drawing, and
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