Tip #604: Rethinking Bloom

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“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” Maya Angelou

This Tip is not so much about rethinking Bloom’s Taxonomy but instead realizing that my understanding (and therefore explanation) of the difference between Bloom’s cognitive levels of Analysis and Evaluation had become muddled.

It took a scientist in a Dubai train the trainer program to point out that they can be very easily distinguished from each other:

“Analysis” requires viewing a topic or situation from a variety of perspectives.

“Evaluation” requires applying criteria to make a judgment.

This clarification occurred following a discussion of a case study.

The case study involved the following scenario:

The trainer went through the participant Read the rest

Tip #102: Learning Levels

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The fourth step in the comprehensive nine step LESSON PLANning Process is:


This step is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Behavioral Objectives- or, as we have referred to it, the Building Blocks of Learning (See Tip #8).

It is essential to clearly identify the desired level of learning we want the participants to attain. This means that we need to decide whether our aim during the course of the workshop is for the participants to: know the information, but not understand it [KNOWLEDGE]; know and understand it [COMPREHENSION]; or know, understand, and use it [APPLICATION]. These are the first three of six progressive building blocks of learning (otherwise known as Bloom’s Read the rest