Schiphol Airport

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Okay. Now today was typical.

First, the hotel never gave me my wake up call for 6:30 a.m. Luckily, I had set my phone alarm (which is still on Madison time, so that was an ordeal). Otherwise I would still be sleeping. Not good. Not good at all.

Then they overcharged me on my bill. Again, not good. It was probably the same dopey guy who was at the desk this morning.

The shuttle stopped at two other hotels, which I did not expect. The good thing is that the airport has luggage carts outside. Otherwise I don’t know how I would have managed with the three bags.

Then the fun really began. You enter the airport and there are … Read the rest


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I am in Amsterdam, after a very uneventful and relatively easy journey.

The Delta representative in the Madison airport showed me how to move from an aisle seat with 6 other people to an aisle seat with just one other person. Being on the aisle is a must on these 8 or more hour flights. This flight, from Detroit to Amsterdam, I was very clever and put everything in the luggage rack above my head, so I had nothing under the seat in front of me.

Again, people were very helpful when I had to lift my heavy carry on way above my head to go into the luggage rack. Later, I returned the favor for a woman seated … Read the rest

Amsterdam Airport

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Hello. So much to tell you before I get on the plane.

First of all, yesterday the young woman from Vermont who was my fellow traveler on the train told me about Air B&B when I asked her where she was staying. Apparently, people open up their homes, with couches, cots or the floor. So that was where she was staying. Fascinating.

On my way from the Tourist Center to the hotel, a man streaked by- completely painted hot pink, with black shorts and a black bra drawn on his chest, plus makeup on his face. Unexpected, to say the least.

This morning at breakfast, I met Kathleen Walsh, who is an artist/psychologist now located in Virginia. She is traveling … Read the rest


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I am on my way to Lusaka, Zambia to conduct 8 days of business management training to owners and staff of private medical training institutions. I won’t bore you with the stress and hysteria of creating these materials on topics I know nothing about (thank goodness for subject matter experts Katie and Piotr).

Just let me tell you about my days of travel.

My flight left at 6:45 p.m. from Madison on August 29th. In the shared taxi ride to the airport, I spoke with a woman who has not needed to have her own car for the past two years. There are loaner cars parked throughout the city that you can schedule to use. The organization takes care of … Read the rest

Tip #416: Impressions of Schipel Airport, Amsterdam

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“It is somehow reassuring to discover that the word “”travel”” is derived from “”travail,”” denoting the pains of childbirth.” Jessica Mitford

The trip to Amsterdam from Lagos got us in early- by 5:30 a.m. and I was able to find the Yotel very quickly. The room was incredibly self-contained. It is square, with the bed under an overhang on the right, a small floor between the bed and the bathroom area: a toilet, a sink, and a shower. This is very bare bones, but clean, comfortable and wired for internet. I had been able to purchase a converter on the plane, so was easily able to plug in my computer and send a quick note about my arrival. There was … Read the rest

Deb in Amsterdam

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Impressions of Lagos:

Gracious hospitality at Southern Sun Ikoya Hotel- they gave us a huge box of musk spa materials upon our leaving- and everyone asks when we will return and they hope it will be soon

Nigerian people are delighted when we wear their native costume- while we were worried they might take offense. I still received compliments days later after wearing Nigerian dress.

Bright colors, patterns- ornate or delicate laced flowers even on men’s dress. Some men wear very long robes, others the long shirt, loose pants and hat. Many women have something covering their hair- a hat, a scarf, the native scarf.

The fishermen in the morning mist in the middle of Lagos Lagoon- have manually poled … Read the rest