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Nairobi to Madison

Nairobi to Madison

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I am safely home (as of about 1 p.m. yesterday, which was Sunday. Jenny kindly picked me up.

Continuing from my last note, from Kenyatta airport, an Asian gentleman holding a MacBook asked me if I had a charger he could borrow. I was reluctant but finally agreed, giving him a converter as well. Then I decided I had better find out where he would be.

He was quite a ways away, standing with a bunch of Asian folks, all powering up their MacBook’s at a power station I hadn’t noticed before. I just sat there, reading. He finally noticed me about 30 minutes later and thanked me again. Later, he came back and asked if he could get me a coffee. I thanked him and asked for an orange Fanta soda. When I had to leave to board my flight, he and several other people thanked me for the loan of the charger. They all were able to charge their laptops up, thanks to me.

That was the first time where being helpful in response to a request turned out very nicely for me.

The second time was in flight (I think from Amsterdam to Detroit). A man asked if I would be willing to move to another seat so he could sit with his family and friends. I agreed, saying that I would need his help to get down my carry on when we arrived in Detroit.

Later, a steward came over to me and told me in very apologetic tones that they had served my low fat meal to my original seat so they didn’t have one for me. I had actually forgotten I had been able to order one. Then he came back with a tray of fresh fruit, wonderful yogurt in a real bowl, and smoked salmon with crackers! This is what they were serving in the first class cabin. So I really lucked out!!

This trip, I had to retrieve my luggage, go through customs and passport check, and then check in again at both Amsterdam and Detroit. My luggage did not go through to my destination at any time. Having the luggage carts made it easier to tote my three bags and handbag where ever I needed to bring them. I still had to pick up the luggage to put it on the cart and take it off the cart…

I had aisle seats for every flight. Thank goodness!

So now I am home. Everything is put away, I’ve done a load of laundry, filled the six bird feeders, watered the flowers in the front and back yards, read through my mail, uploaded the 100+ photos I took of my travels and the class work, paid bills, and finally gotten through all of my email.

Five of the participants sent me lovely thank you notes and one has even provided the new information he learned in his own newsletter! When I wrote to them on Saturday before I left Nairobi, I had told them I hadn’t been able to manage the videos. I asked if they had any suggestions regarding how I should get their to them. Sam suggested I upload them on YouTube and give them the link instructions. So that is what I will do.

I still have to send all of the photos and promised resource documents to the group. And struggle again with the video camera. But I’ll wait on the video until I talk with Piotr tomorrow. We have to determine how to handle the 18 other hours of video in addition to the 6 hours of the participants’ facilitation practice.

I’m still tired, even though I went to bed at 8 p.m. and didn’t wake up until 1 p.m. today. I know that it will take me a while before I feel peppy again.

Thank you again for coming along with me.


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