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Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

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Hello. It was a good day today. I’m feeling a lot better.

I now know everyone’s name and personality, which makes it a lot of fun. Our topic today was how to grow your practice. People were incredibly creative, coming up with over 30 ways.

It was the discussion that ensued that gave me some fascinating information about Kenyan culture. For example, if a health practice wanted to grow by attracting higher paying clients, they said to target the Somali because “they have money.” You need to make your facility Somali-friendly: a dedicated prayer area with prayer mats; a very large reception waiting room because the Somali apparently always come with two or three other people.

I had most of my voice for the duration. Again, we started with 4 and ended with 13- two came in two hours into the class, one three hours into the four hour class and one for maybe a maximum of 40 minutes. It is clear that they all take the classes very seriously. Regardless of when they arrive, they immediately take the pre test and then jump into whatever discussion or activity that is occurring.

In the recent past, I would have interpreted their coming late as a clear indication that they didn’t value the training. Now I realize that they come for as much time that they can- even if it’s less than an hour- because they value the training so highly and don’t want to miss a moment if they can help it.

It’s at least a new and different perspective on the issue. It may only be relevant here for these classes. I’ll have to be more aware if it applies in future settings.

The Nairobi Serena Hotel, where I’m staying, is right next to the University of Nairobi- which held its graduation ceremonies today. The foot and vehicle traffic, often competing for the same space, were overwhelming in numbers. This time I saw graduates with different brightly colored shawls over their robes. There were more than green tinsel necklaces on both men and women. I saw one guy who must have had 6 or more around his neck. My guess is that family and friends purchase them for their graduates.

One East Asian Moslem woman who was in class yesterday was not there today because she was graduating. She (Firdaus Hamza) sent me a photo, explaining that it was an interesting experience to get her degree with two small children. I’ve attached the photo, just for fun.

Tomorrow I begin my sightseeing adventures. I expect to have lots to tell and to show you!



P.S. It rained cats and dogs last night, thundering very loudly. There were large puddles on the streets this morning. But today must be in the mid 70’s with bright sunny skies and nice breezes. I see that Madison temperatures are very very frigid, with snow on the way. I’ll try to send you warming photos.

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