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Johannesburg, Atlanta and Madison

Johannesburg, Atlanta and Madison

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I’m home, safe and sound, if pretty exhausted. The flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta was 16 ½ hours. In the future, I will make darn sure that I check my seat assignment a few days beforehand. I prefer the aisle, so I can get up and walk. For this interminable flight, I was seated next to the window, with two people between me and the aisle- and not enough legroom to cross my legs. You should have seen the contortions necessary to simply get from my seat to the aisle!

I’ll not bore you with many details about the flight. I watched movies (wearing the most uncomfortable in the ear headphones provided by Delta), read, even slept fitfully for maybe an hour, walked the aisles, and drank lots of water.

What I didn’t do was eat the orange I brought from the Lusaka hotel. That was a BIG mistake, because after I got off the plane in Atlanta, went through passport security, then went to pick up my luggage (they had told me in Lusaka that it was scheduled through to Madison, but there it was on the baggage conveyer belt just the same). While waiting for it (just in case it didn’t got through, as it didn’t-if that makes sense) a security dog jumped up on me, pawing at my purse. Yup, the orange. The security guard wrote it down on my customs sheet but didn’t tell me to throw it out.

Nope, I had to get all the way up to customs (luckily, there were free carts to tote luggage), to be told to go back to a special room. When I got there, looking rather pitiful, I imagine, they didn’t make me open up everything. They just asked for the orange and sent me back through customs.

I had a two-hour layover in Atlanta, then a 1-½ flight to Madison, arriving home to cool rain and daughter Jenny. After chatting with her and showing her my purchases (and a gift for her), Jenny went on her way. In the ensuring hours, I: put my clothing and training materials away; uploaded, edited and sent to the Zambian participants 250 photos from the sessions; cleaned the cat’s water fountain; cleaned my two fountains and started them again (one on my desk and the other near the front door); went through two weeks of mail; watered the plants; cleaned the bird bath; filled seven bird feeders; cleared fallen willow boughs from the shrubbery in front of my house; tied up a renegade rose bush that blocked the path from the garage to my back porch; tied up or cut down rain-sodden plants that also blocked the path to the garage; watered the plants in the front window boxes (the coleus was drooping); checked email; contacted my email and website provider because I realized to my chagrin that none of the email messages that I have sent through their website while traveling, for the entirety of 2013,
had been saved- and got that fixed from this point on (generally people respond to my emails, so I get a copy that way); cuddled with the cats; vacuumed the downstairs, which was very cat furry; fought with the vacuum cleaner because it was blowing dust out instead of taking dust in; talked to my mother; made a food shopping list; picked some apples from my tree to eat with my Jiffy chunky peanut butter; took a shower; and now am writing to you.

I’ll pay bills tomorrow, write up my expense and invoice for this trip, and, besides food shopping, etc., write two Laurel Learning Tips. I didn’t realize until tonight that my last Tip went out on August 26th. I’ve missed September 2, 9, and 16 (although I might be able to get it out during the day rather than at 7 a.m. when it is usually sent out).

That’s it for me. It’s time to give the cats their nighttime treat and for us all to go to bed. I am NOT setting any alarm tomorrow!

Thank you again for keeping me company on this trip.



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