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Deb in Amman 2013- 7

Deb in Amman 2013- 7

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Thank you for the kind birthday wishes!

The highlight of my birthday on the 9th was talking with my mother, who reported 3 feet of snow in Greenport, New York, and talking with my daughter over Skype. Other than a beautiful sunny day in the 60’s and my first walk in the neighborhood, my day was very mellow- reading, napping, and relaxing. Oh, I also went with my taxi driver Abu Rashad to the same gift outlet I visited the last time I was in Jordan. I was on a mission- to find Dead Sea Treasures Soft Mud for Dry Skin for Jenny-which I did find, as well as a few other gifts to bring back with me.

Today, the 10th, I set up in the training room of the Civil Society Program for the 6 remaining folks to facilitate their activities and be videotaped. Their feedback lacked the depth and thought exhibited during the taping on Thursday, so things moved a lot faster today. It went well and very quickly- we finished with everyone before lunch at 1.

Then I walked the four blocks back to the hotel, to rest and read- and then to set up the hotel training room for the two-day Auditing for Quality Training Decisions program.

I sometimes feel like I’m wading through fog when it comes to these programs. I told the hotel staff I only needed three tables, because I was told that there would be 15 attendees. However, when I looked in the box with the participant binders, there were 20- so we added another table. Who knows how many will actually be there.

In the meantime, a troop of guys came into the room and I realized that they were setting up the booth for the translating team. No one had told me that there would be a need for translation for this program. I’m glad I saw them so that I wasn’t surprised tomorrow. Now I’ll know to wear my one and only belt so I have something to hook the mic pack onto.

It was another sunny warm day in the mid to high 60’s- and Rama gave me wonderful directions for a great walk. But I was tired. That seems to be my refrain this trip.

So, this is a short missive. I need to prepare for tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes.



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