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Day of Rest in Amman

Day of Rest in Amman

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I made it to breakfast, where I was able to stomach some yogurt. Then I went to the front desk because I saw there was a pharmacy across the street and I wanted the hotel staff to write what I needed in Arabic. They assured me that they spoke English in every pharmacy, so I trotted over there. This was the very first time I had been outside since I came here. The sidewalk crumbled and the street looked very commercial and unwelcoming. When I got inside, there was a very young man (obviously not the pharmacist) who did NOT speak English.

So I marched back to the hotel and reissued my request for a written note. Eventually the manager said that it would be best if he sent one of the bell hops to get it for me. I gave him money and off he went. He must have gone to more than one pharmacy, because it took him quite a while. He came back apologetic and empty-handed (other than handing me back the money). It was attributed to the fact that today is Friday and many places are closed for the weekend.

I had intended to send a few of my things to the laundry in preparation for my travel back, but noticed that they did laundry every day except Friday. Good grief!

So, I rested some more. Then I read through the participants’ lesson plans and was pleasantly surprised. They really understood how to design a lesson plan- and several were very adventurous with the learning activities they selected: gallery walk, game, envelope pass, skit, role play, case study, competitive brainstorming, scavenger hunt, walkabout, personal action plan, questionnaire, mind map, pop ups and art, to name a few!!

I also sewed a dress (with needle and thread in the ubiquitous sewing kit that had thread the exact same color as my dress) so the décolletage was much more modest and ironed a wrap to wear to cover my arms.

Yesterday, the participants who were healthy (or relatively healthy) and showed up to give their 2-minute presentations about an object they pulled from my bag intrigued me with their plans. As a result, although it wasn’t scheduled, I emailed Majd to see if we could videotape them tomorrow morning. If not, that’s fine. But it would be great to have it all on tape. The last time I was here some of these “showcase presentations” were thoughtful, hilarious, and simply brilliant.

I finally broke down and asked if room service could bring me some yogurt, because nothing else is appealing- and their menu doesn’t list breakfast things, such as toast, yogurt, etc. most probably because they assume guests will have their breakfast from the buffet.

I’m going to have my breakfast, take a shower and go to bed.


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