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Day 4 of Train the Trainer (that wasn’t), Amman

Day 4 of Train the Trainer (that wasn’t), Amman

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I got very little sleep and had a terrible time getting up the energy to shower, brush my teeth and dress. There was no doubt I would avoid breakfast because I didn’t dare eat anything. I did, however, do something very uncharacteristic of me. I took a Coke out of the mini bar. When I was a child, we used coke syrup to make us throw up and I wanted to see how I was doing before I got to the training room. So far, so good- but my laptop, etc. felt like 90 lbs. as I dragged myself to the elevator.

When I got to the room, I discovered that more than half of the class- and most of the class next to us, were all in the hospital due to severe food poisoning! Mohammed gave me some medicine, the hotel manager gave me peppermint tea, everyone there was very solicitous, and I sat trying not to move….

Not that misery loves company, but the final decision was to cancel today and add three hours to Saturday and Sunday. Thank God! All I wanted was to climb in bed and sleep.

Sweet Luma, who did indeed get a lot of the ink markings off of my table top toys, bless her heart, helped me pack up and carried everything (she would have carried me!) back up to my room. I undressed, collapsed, and slept- from 9:30 am to 3:30 am! At some point, Majd called to see how I was and ask if I needed her to take me to the hospital or anything.

These folks are so incredibly loving and caring. As I left the training room, Abdullah and several others told me they would take me to the hospital- all I had to do was contact them.

Luma gave me big hugs- this is a very tactile loving group. Women hug each other often, and men sit with their arms around each other’s shoulders. The sexes do not touch each other.

When I’ve needed help getting up once or twice (sitting on the floor going through one of my suitcases to pull out materials for the day, the men give me their forearm rather than their hand.

After I woke up, I drank some cold bottled water and ate a bit of the toast they sent me yesterday. It is now completely crisp, like eating a cracker. One piece was enough. I also cut open apple I had taken from a meal earlier this week and had two pieces. That was also enough.

I didn’t want you to worry, so I thought I should write to you. Now I’ll be able to rest all Friday and hopefully be tip top shape (and hopefully have a healthy class) on Saturday. Majd thinks there may be a scandal with the hotel given the food poisoning epidemic.

Interesting enough, some participants attributed it to the fresh salads, while others attributed it to the meats. Still others thought it might be something we drank- although they drank tea or juice at tea break and bottled water or bottled soda at lunch. I think that leaves only rice and potatoes as safe fare!

I do plan to get up to go to late breakfast (it begins at 6:30 and ends at 10:00) to at least get more fruit.

At some point on Friday I’ll have to review and correct the lesson plans I’ve received as well as plan how to apportion the training modules over the two instead of three days.

Right now, I’m going back to bed!


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