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Nairobi, Kenya Travelogue – 2014

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Nairobi, November 30

Hello. As you can see, I’m on the road again. This time, I will be piloting ten days of business management training for the owners of private medical practices in Kenya.

I have to say that my travel to Africa this time went exceptionally smoothly. After the experience of paying $1200 to send training materials that could have easily filled one large suitcase- and finding out that I actually could take two bags for free on Delta, I wised up. I’m traveling with two large bags (bright pink and bright blue) that each weigh 50 pounds. In addition, I have my large handbag that could hold a small child (but doesn’t) and my “carry on” with all … Read the rest

Kenya Travelogue – 2014

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Amsterdam, August 8, 2014


I am in Amsterdam, after a very uneventful and relatively easy journey.

The Delta representative in the Madison airport showed me how to move from an aisle seat with 6 other people to an aisle seat with just one other person. Being on the aisle is a must on these 8 or more hour flights. This flight, from Detroit to Amsterdam, I was very clever and put everything in the luggage rack above my head, so I had nothing under the seat in front of me.

Again, people were very helpful when I had to lift my heavy carry on way above my head to go into the luggage rack. Later, I returned the favor … Read the rest

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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Hello. I am in Mississauga, which is about 20 miles away from Toronto. I’m only here to conduct a 1-day train-the-trainer program for Roche Pharmaceuticals.

I made a number of earth shattering discoveries in my travels today. Canada is a different country. Say that with me: Canada is a different country.

Yes, I brought my passport. I also brought my phone (which doesn’t work here) and my GPS (which doesn’t list Canada under countries, just Costa Rica for some strange reason).

Getting through customs was very quick. What was not quick was being sent to stand on line for an hour because, get this, when I told the customs officer that I was in Canada to conduct 1 day of … Read the rest

Zambia Travelogue – 2013

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Amsterdam, August 30, 2013

I am on my way to Lusaka, Zambia to conduct 8 days of business management training to owners and staff of private medical training institutions. I won’t bore you with the stress and hysteria of creating these materials on topics I know nothing about (thank goodness for subject matter experts Katie and Piotr).

Just let me tell you about my days of travel.

My flight left at 6:45 p.m. from Madison on August 29th. In the shared taxi ride to the airport, I spoke with a woman who has not needed to have her own car for the past two years. There are loaner cars parked throughout the city that you can schedule to use. The … Read the rest

Amman Travelogue – 2013

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February 1, 2013

I’m back in Jordan for two weeks to conduct three train-the-trainer programs for the Jordan Civil Society Project (also funded through US AID). I left the USA on Thursday, January 31st and arrived in Paris and Amman on Friday, February 1st.

This time, I flew through Paris. I had a 5-hour layover, but it wasn’t long enough to take a tour of the city. Instead, I walked back and forth past all the shops. My abiding memory of the Charles DE Gaulle International Airport will be the cloying fragrance of different perfumes mixed with cigarette smoke (who knows where it was coming from, because they said it was a non-smoking airport…), and the fact that the ladies … Read the rest

Amman Travelogue – 2012

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Amman March 16 12:10 a.m.

I am at the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman.

You know when I talked about needing to have my luggage “get off with me in Amsterdam?” Well, it did, but I never picked it up. I was so tired and so unused to changing airlines that it never occurred to me to go to baggage to claim it and then check in at Royal Jordan. So, guess what? I have no luggage. If I’m very lucky, it will arrive sometime tomorrow. If I’m partially lucky, it will arrive late on Saturday.

First, I’m going to be very sick of these two outfits I have, which I will have to wash in the sink. Second, all of … Read the rest