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Amman 2017

Amman 2017

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This is my first full day in Amman. I’ve spent most of it sleeping, since I can’t sleep on the trip over.

It is 23 C outside, or 73 F. I’m looking outside at a brilliant sunlit city- through a very dusty window. I haven’t gone outside because I needed to:

Visit the room where the training will be held. It is the Crystal Ballroom and that is exactly what it is- a ballroom. There will be plenty of space for the 24 participants and any activities (such as the relay race and gallery walks) I’ve planned.

It takes me at least 1.5 hours to set up a training room: put the kites and agenda map on the wall; create learning objective flipcharts for all 6 days of training and put those on the walls; prepare each participant table with koosh balls, pipe cleaners, index cards, stickers, wands, binders, colored paper, mini springs, name cards, colored markers, etc. etc.; find extension cords so I can use my adapters to plug in my laptop and IPod player; check and set up the LCD projector and make sure it connects with my laptop. There are so many fun things that can and have gone wrong with these set ups.

Usually I arrange with my client so I can get into the room the night before to do most of the set up. Then I can worry about the electronics items in the morning before the training begins.

Unfortunately, we are conducting training at a hotel and there is a wedding scheduled in that room. It begins at 7 pm and goes until midnight or 2 am… the front desk didn’t know. I had been planning to set up after the wedding, but not after 2 in the morning!

I explained my dilemma to the fellow at the front desk and he assured me that they would arrange the tables and chairs after the wedding, the room would be kept open, so I could get in any time I wanted to in the early morning. So that is my plan.

It’s not ideal by any means, because this means I’ll be on my feet for 2 hours prior to the training, which goes from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. I’ve managed before and I’ll manage again

Get something to eat and drink. I’ve missed both breakfast and lunch. I was directed to the restaurant, which wasn’t open. This is, by the way, a very no frills hotel… My option was to go back to my room and order room service, which I’ve done. They just brought my farmer’s salad with local vegetables and a fresh squeezed orange juice! The juice is delicious!! I’ll eat after I finish this message.

Ask for an iron and ironing board. This is the first time in all my 30 years of traveling and staying in hotels where there isn’t any closet space where I can hang my outfits. I usually iron everything for the duration on the very first night (because I’m usually so tired and need to put my feet up after each training day). In this case, I’m going to have to iron each outfit just before I wear it. Good grief!

I need to check my email, etc. and the websites I usually visit each day. However, I’ve received a message that this connection is not secure and anyone can access what I do. So, I’m going to have to think this through… this certainly explains why I wasn’t able to access a state site last night.

By the way, happy Easter!

More tomorrow.


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